The Canadians may have a reputation for being among the most friendliest in the world with their neighbourly approach to tourists and newcomers but SURPRISE that doesn’t make the country the safest.

No, when it comes to the world’s most secure travel destination, it’s not Canada.

It’s actually Nordic country, Finland.

The European country landed the number one spot in a new list of safe and secure travel spots compiled by the World Economic Forum.

In the study of 136 countries worldwide, the World Economic Forum found that despite rising concerns over terrorism for most parts of Europe, Finland’s reputation has remained in tact and is still seen as “the safest destination globally”.

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Following Finland as the second safest travel destination was Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s United Arab Emirates (UAE), Iceland and then Oman.

Popular tourist destination, Hong Kong managed to round off the top five ahead of Singapore, Norway, Switzerland, Rwanda and Qatar.


While Aussies like to think of themselves as welcoming and kind to strangers, the country sat at 22nd most safest destination, well behind New Zealand at number 13.

And where are those kind Canadians?

According to the report, Canada is the 23rd safest destination.

Does this make you want to travel to Finland?