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Top 10 travel destinations in Europe

New data, released by, reveals 2014’s list of must-go European destinations.

New data, released by, reveals 2014’s list of must-go European destinations.

After collating the number of hotel bookings made in European cities over the 2014 summer period (July – August), online booking agents, HotelsCombined, revealed the most sought after destinations in Europe.

“Summer is peak season in Europe and we have certainly seen an increasing number of people making the most of the long days and warm weather,” says Global PR and Content Manager of HotelsCombined, Alycia Simons.

“Our data also shows that the number of hotel bookings in these top 10 cities has increased nine per cent overall when compared to the same time period in 2013.”

The results


Qui, qui, Paris!

In 2014, London topped the list of most-visited European destinations.

England’s capital city experienced a seven per cent increase in demand for accommodation during the summer period.

London was closely followed by Paris, Barcelona and Rome in second, third and fourth position.

Each destination maintained their top five positions for a second year in a row.

Dublin rounded off the top five list and was followed by Berlin who grew in popularity over the last 12 months.

The number of accommodation bookings for the German capital increased by 34 percent from 2013, moving Berlin from tenth position to sixth in 2014.

In seventh and eight place were Amsterdam, an ever-green tourist attraction, and Edingburgh.

Prague and Manchester also made the list. The demand for accommodation increased by 34 and 22 per cent respectively over the last 12 months.

The quick list


Beautiful Barcelona in at 3rd.


2. Paris

3. Barcelona

4. Rome

5. Dublin

6. Berlin

7. Amsterdam

8. Edinburgh

9. Manchester

10. Prague

Global stats


Ich bin ein Berliner.

And it seems its not only the European cities that are reaping the rewards of increased travel demand.

According to the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNTWO), International tourist arrivals in Europe were up by a solid five per cent in 2013, an increase of 29 million visitors from 2012, equating to 563 million travellers in the last year.

While the figures are yet to be collated for 2014, the January statistics are already promising a European lead.

Though the old continent shouldn’t get too comfortable. Charging at its heels is Asia and the Pacific. Asia has recorded its strongest growth with a six per cent increase in arrivals.

Which European City did you visit in 2014?