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Looks like the US has fallen for Crocodile Dundee all over again

He may be a bit wrinklier, but Mick Dundee certainly can still deliver the goods, with operators already reaping the benefits of Tourism Australia's Superbowl ad.

He may be a bit wrinklier, but Mick Dundee certainly can still deliver the goods, with operators already reaping the benefits of Tourism Australia’s Superbowl ad.

The AU$38 million campaign took the form of a trailer for an all-new Crocodile Dundee movie more than 30 years after the original move aired. Margot Robbie, the Hemsworth brothers, Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe added their star muscle to that of original Mick Dundee, Paul Hogan.

Check out the ad here:

Just one month after it aired, the evidence appears pretty positive.

The minister for trade, tourism and investment Steve Ciobo revealed that since it aired, the campaign has achieved social media reach of around 890 million across a number of platforms. It has also generated more then 12,000 media articles with an estimated advertising value of $74 million.

The rise in interest was immediate with Tourism Australia seeing record traffic from across 10,000 US towns and cities to its website right after the ad appeared on screens.

People got searching straight away

People got searching straight away

But has it actually achieved its objective of convincing Americans to actually act on their desire to visit Down Under?

“Feedback from the tourism industry has been incredibly positive, with initial results indicating a spike in booking enquiries since the launch,” he said.

Qantas Vacations also reported a boost in web traffic, with its number of leads from the US doubling in the first 24 hours after the campaign aired. Aspire Down Under saw a 30% spike in leads, with sales expected to grow 42% year on year. Meanwhile, Down Under Answers reported a quadrupling of its web traffic after the launch.



So, it looks like, Crocodile Dundee still has the power to get Americans yearning for travel to Australia.

“In 2018, it was time for an iconic Australian to come home,” says Geoff Ikin, general manager, global media, PR and social, Tourism Australia’s general manager global media, PR and social Geoff Ikin told the Programmatic Summit in Sydney this week as reported in Mumbrella.

He admitted that one of the best performing ads Tourism Australia had ever produced was Hogan’s “Shrimp on the barbie”.

“Nothing has cut through more than that,” Ikin said.

“When we started to look at it, the best known Australian was Crocodile Dundee. He still resonates the highest among the American audience.”

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