The may share a body of water & they may have the same name, but there’s a difference between South and North Lake Tahoe that Travel Advisors need to know.

That difference is, North Lake Tahoe is a year-round destination.

While most Australians choose to visit the US’ largest Alpine Lake during the snowy season, North Lake Tahoe Chamber’s Sarah Winters said the destination is worth visiting at any time of the year, particularly for those planning a road trip.

In a Q&A with KARRYON, the Director of Leisure Sales explained that while the Lake is beautiful to see during the winter, it’s equally as stunning and exciting in the warmer months as the days are longer, and there’s plenty of outdoor water activities to enjoy.

She continued, explaining that those who visit in the summer can also take part in the North Lake Tahoe Ale Trail – an interactive online map that’ll guide you on one of the Lake’s new trails that end with a drink at a bar.

Read on for our full chat with Sarah:


Snow season is here at Lake Tahoe, but I’ve heard that October is one of the best months to visit, why is that the case?

October is North Lake Tahoe’s “secret season,” or local’s summer as we like to call it. The temperatures are a bit cooler, the crowds are a bit smaller, but the Lake is as beautiful as ever.

It is the best time to come to North Lake Tahoe to hike, leaf peep, and get soaked in all of the beauty of the Lake.


As someone who’s seen the area through all seasons, which is your favourite & why?

This is such a difficult question! Unlike where I grew up, Massachusetts, Tahoe has over 300 days of sunshine a year, so every season is perfect.  If I had to choose, it would be summer.

There is so much to do. I love spending my time outdoors and our summer season has so much outdoor recreation to offer. I love experiencing all those late summer days and paddle boarding at sunset.

One of my favorite summer activities is our North Lake Tahoe Ale Trail, our map that helps you pick your favourite outdoor activity and pairs it up with the best place to grab a beer at the end.  Something, I think the Aussie’s would love!


What are some of the physical changes you can see at Lake Tahoe during each season?

Each season is full of magic and offers something unique.  Summer is bustling and has endless outdoor opportunities.

As Tahoe starts to cool off and we enter into Autumn, you see all the beautiful leaves changing colours, the crowds diminish, and you get to experience Tahoe as a local.

As winter approaches, the snow makes Tahoe the most beautiful – all of our pine trees covered in snow, both the lake and the mountain communities are equally stunning in the winter.

As we head into spring, you feel that California sun warm the destination.  We are the spring skiing capital; there is nothing more fun than skiing in a t-shirt in the morning and boating on the lake in the afternoon.


How are leisure sales from the Australian market for Lake Tahoe for the current snow season?

Australians love Tahoe in winter. With easy access into San Francisco and a short drive up to the mountains, Australia is our #3 international market in the winter.

I think our California sunny days, mixed with winter really speak to the Aussie crowds. Not to mention, we are home to both the Ikon and Epic passes, which both have home resorts in Australia.


And how about in 2019? Are there a lot of forward bookings from Australia?

Yes, of course! We love the Aussie market and based on our data, they love us.


How big is the Australian market for Lake Tahoe?

Australis is our #4th  international market (if you average out each season). I think the Tahoe vibe fits the Aussie vibe. We are laid back, with loads of outdoor activities, warm sunshine and great dining options.

I think more so than any other market, Australians are very knowledgeable of the Lake Tahoe offerings.


Are there any particular challenges the area faces when trying to attract Aussie visitors?

Our challenges are making sure the Aussie visitors know and recognise North Lake Tahoe as a year-round destination, not just a winter destination.

Although our busiest time for the Australian visitation is winter, we are a year-round destination, offering unique road trips for all season.


Do you find that Travel Advisors are well educated in Lake Tahoe?

This is always a work in progress, as with any market.  The most challenging piece is training Travel Advisors on is what makes North and South Lake Tahoe different as well as educating on why Lake Tahoe should be considered versus other mountain destinations.

I should take this opportunity to do that – it is Lake Tahoe that makes us special. Lake Tahoe is the largest Alpine Lake in all of North America. You can’t get these views anywhere else.


What are some common misconceptions you hear from Australians about Lake Tahoe?

The Australians are very well versed in Lake Tahoe. I think the biggest misconception is that we are just a winter destination, when the Lake actually draws more crowds in the summer.


Aside from snow and natural beauty, what are some other aspects Aussies will fall in love with during a visit to Lake Tahoe?

For me this answer is so clear, it is the ability to completely shut off and relax. North Lake Tahoe is the ultimate place to revive and detox from everyday life. There is so much to do that helps you connect with your family,  your friends and yourself.


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