In this 21st century social media-obsessed era, it feels as though anyone who’s ever set foot on a plane is hoping to find Kardashian-level of online fame by taking and sharing pictures of their travels.

Instagram is particularly popular for these holiday snaps, so-much-so, that it could easily be mistaken for a digital brochure of the world.

With so much content available to users, travel-focused pages have had to go above and beyond with unique images and content to prove their page is worth following like the Hotel Iron Man who dedicated his Instagram existence to reviewing hotel irons – yes, irons – or this one, which literally ‘bares’ everything to the world.

Or there’s this one traveller who’s making headlines right now for merging his desire to capture exotic destinations with his duties as a son.

Yes, his duties as a son.

In every snap published to the Instagram account called ‘momimfine’, Jonathan Kubben Quiñonez lets his mother in Mexico know he’s doing weel by holding up a sign that reads ‘Mom I’m Fine’.

The sign is there in every pic no matter where he is, who he’s with or what he’s doing.

Like this photo taken in Myanmar with ‘acrobatic’ fishermen:

Or when he was surrounded by Chinese New Year party-goers in Thailand…

Happy Chinese New Year! #momimfine #chinesenewyear #asia #travel #phuket #thailand #smile #sun #happy #traveler #fun

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Or even when he was sitting underwater like a modern-day Aladdin in Morocco…

In an interview with the LADbible, Jonathan said “mums always worry” and letting them know your safe while on the road can be challenging.

“It was complicated to be in contact with her so I decided to give a positive message and show her that the world is a beautiful place and that I am fine.”

Jonathan Kubben Quiñonez

“I started to take pictures in funny or scary situations with my sign. Whatever the situation was, I always found a way to give my message.”

Pretty genius if you ask me.

Oh and mum seriously, he is fine!

Welcome to Thailand ????! I would like to thank @elephantjunglesanctuary for this amazing opportunity to take care of these elephants in Phuket. I received several propositions to go to other elephant parks but I decided to visit this one for the following reasons: – They don't do riding. An elephant's back isn't like a horse's back, it is not made to support weight from above – They rescue elephants that have been treated badly, tortured and exploited for tourism. 75% of the elephants are suffering from these abuses. Please don't be part of this. Do not support riding. For more information: #momimfine #travel #phuket #thailand #asia #sun #elephant #elephantjunglesanctuary #amazingthailand #smile #happy

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Do you have any creative ways of keeping your family in the loop while travelling?