Visiting a popular site, such as the Vatican, is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for most, which can sometimes fail to live up to expectations thanks to the sea of other tourists.

Crowds cause long annoying waits, they disrupt views and they can disconnect visitors from the experience.

Or to put it bluntly, they’re bloody annoying.


It’s for this reason that since 2016, Trafalgar has offered its guests an exclusive after-hours tour of the Roman Catholic Church headquarters that comes with a private on-site dinner.

Legit! Trafalgar literally lets guests end their day practically solo in the Vatican.

Seeing the success of this exclusive experience, TripAdvisor has emerged with its own out-of-hours Vatican offer, but this time it’s ‘Waking up the Vatican’.


Those who prefer to start the day a little earlier can experience the popular attraction before sunrise and before it opens to the public. They’ll be able to see the Sistine Chapel, Raphael’s rooms, the Galleries AND they’ll join the ‘Clavigero’, the key holder, as he unlocks the doors to the public.


The 20-people tour is led by an English-speaking guide and is available from now until 1 June 2019 (blackout dates apply) for a cost of AU$717 (€449).


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Would you like to Wake up the Vatican?