It’s no secret that Germans are big on their beer, but are they chugging through more steins than other types of alcohol?


No, according to the country’s tourism leaders, who say their citizens (and visitors) consume more wine than they do das bier (beer).

Don’t get us wrong, they do drink a fair amount of beer, it’s just nowhere near the 25 litres per capita of vino demolished annually.

You can’t really blame the public for the common misconception about their love of beer, which stems from Germany’s annual Oktoberfest celebrations, which take place around the world. Around 7.1 million litres of beer was consumed in the country last year during Oktoberfest and the talented beer maid wench can hold up to 14 steins at a single time.

Image: GNTO

Image: GNTO

According to the German National Tourist Board (GNTO), the shift in alcoholic choices is a result of the changing German lifestyle, which is a lot more modern than most people expect.

Which brings us to the second thing everyone gets wrong about Germany – that it’s still old fashioned and traditional.

“Many people travel to Germany and are surprised to see it’s not like the old fashioned image they have in their heads.”

German National Tourist Board

“But when they travel to Germany, they are surprised that today the lifestyle is very modern with modern cuisine and wine.”

The two misconceptions about the country were exposed at a wine tasting held in conjunction with Rail Europe in Sydney earlier this month.

During the event, GNTO’s Director for Australia, Stefanie Eberhard, said Germany continues to experience strong results from the Australian market, with around 800,000 overnight stays in the country last year. She’s hoping to reach a record number this year, with around one million overnight stays.

In order to achieve the bureau’s tourism goals, they’re focusing on promoting the destination’s natural beauty.

According to Eberhard, around 50 percent of Germany’s landscape is designated and protected. This includes parks and UNESCO World Heritage sites.

She said Aussies are particularly keen to explore Germany’s natural scenery because it’s vastly different from Australia.

“The landscape is different from Australia, especially in the south where we have freshwater lakes, alps and just really amazing scenery.”

Stefanie Eberhard, GNTO Director for Australia

Were you surprised to find Germans consume more wine than beer?