Is North Korea on your 2019 list? Do you want to understand the controversial country’s history? Or maybe you’re keen to see what life is really like beyond the mainstream image?

If you nodded with extreme enthusiasm to all three questions, then it’s time to start packing, because North Korea awaits.

Small group tour operator, Crooked Compass, has added the East Asian country to its portfolio, with its first tour called ‘Uncover North Korea’.


Travelling in September 2019 in the company of 12 people, curious holidaymakers will spend eight days learning about the destination and culture, whilst also enjoying the beauty of the ‘Changing of the Colours’ season.

The itinerary includes stops in the capital of Pyongyang, Wonson, Mt Kumgang and DMZ – the location of the armistice (cease fire) signing with South Korea.


“Let us take you into this foreign world very few have the opportunity to experience and share with you its warm people and spectacular landscapes.”

Crooked Compass

For those who can’t make the 2019 deadline, Crooked Compass will run the Uncover North Korea tour from 7 April 2020.

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