Venice is asking tourists to help clean up its waters (and streets) by paying a 10 euro fee that’ll be put towards rejuvenating locations overrun by large numbers of visitors.

Italian authorities recently revealed hopes to charge all tourists attempting to gain access to the city during high season (even day visitors) two to 10 euros.

According to the Daily Mail and Italian newspaper La Repubblica, the new fee would replace the city’s current tourist tax, which is only applicable to overnight visitors.


Image: Tom Podmore/Unsplash

If implemented, the new charge would be passed on to tourists through air, cruise and ground fares. The money will then be turned over to Venice where Mayor Luigi Brugnaro said it will be used to clean up the city.

Reports suggest the fee could raise some 50 million euros for the popular destination.


Image: Candré Mandawe/Unsplash

“We will study a balanced and participated regulation that protects those who live, study and work in our territory.”

Luigi Brugnaro, Venice Mayor

Venice’s new charge is one of many recent proposals to rejuvenate the city, others include a ban against tourists sitting on the ground, a ban against carrying alcohol, and visitor-only routes to popular landmarks.


Do you think the extra charge to visit the Italian city is justified?