As if Vanuatu wasn’t stunning enough, the island has received a seafront precinct that literally makes the destination’s main island look like a little slice of paradise.

Unveiled this morning, the Port Vila precinct stretches 1.2 kilometres along the coast, providing travellers with gorgeous, unobstructed views of the ocean.

Although ideal for morning runs, late night walks and sightseeing, the seafront stretch also provides easier access to a number of restaurants, bars, tours and markets.

Vanuatu Precinct 3

Speaking to KarryOn, Vanuatu Tourism Office’s Australian representative, Georgia Gregerson, said the new development will make Port Vila even more enjoyable for visitors by meeting their expectations for stunning seafront experiences.

“Australians come to Vanuatu because it is a stunning island nation and they expect waterfront experiences.”

Georgia Gregerson, Vanuatu Tourism Office Australian representative

Vanuatu Precinct

“Having a walkway along the harbour-front makes it possible to enjoy the highlights of Port Vila; the handicraft markets, cafes, bars, restaurants, water based tours and produce markets while taking in the stunning water views.”

Gregerson continued, saying that in addition to seaside experiences and activities, the precinct will also act as a relaxing, welcoming space for locals and visitors to come together.

Vanuatu Precinct 2

““All visitors, including cruisers who are between shore excursions, will enjoy spending time relaxing and taking in the views in this area,” she said.

“It will really lift the appeal of Port Vila and will be well utilised by all visitors and locals.”

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