You spent the prime of your life raising children and now that they’re all grown up, the kids are expecting you to use your senior years to help care for their offspring.

What?! Totally inconsiderate! You didn’t ask anyone for help changing their nappies, they should be able to handle the responsibility of parenthood themselves!

But hey Gran chill, because apparently if you’re willing to use the time between your personal holidays to care for the kids, you might be able to make some extra cash and/or score a free trip.


According to a new study, one in two Australian parents with children under four, are abandoning the idea of hiring a babysitter in favour of paying their parents (or parents-in-law) to join them on a family holiday – the catch is, they need to agree to some international child care.

The research commissioned by found the most common payment arrangement for grandparents is to cover the cost of holiday expenses (16 percent), pay for their entire holiday (15 percent), paying for dinner and entertainment (14 percent) and covering accommodation and flights only (13 percent).

There was a surprising eight percent of parents who said they were only willing to pay for the ‘travelling grannies’ accommodation.


And five percent said they’d only over the cost of flights!


The survey also found which destinations parents were least comfortable hiring babysitters and nannies, they included Central America, Turkey, India, Russia, South Africa and the UAE. A whopping 39 percent said they would not trust a babysitter in any destination.

Would you accept free travel in exchange for babysitting duties?