We all have travel bucket lists, so knowing where we want to holiday and what we want to see isn’t really an issue – it’s deciding which of these many options can wait until later and which we want to do now.

It’s a first world struggle but it’s very real to the heartstrings that often feel as though they’re being pulled towards the music, food and culture in South America one minute and the wildlife, tribes and history in Africa the next.


Some get around the indecisiveness with a solo game of scissors, paper, rock…


And others settle on the destination they’ve pulled out of a hat.


But now there’s an easier way to narrow down your options and it’s via the ‘Emotive Test’.

The test was created by lastminute.com using data from TripAdvisor and tells people where they should travel based on their emotions.

Users simply select whether they’re in the mood for something happy, romantic, exciting, amazing, cultural, stunning or relaxing. The website will then list destinations that fall under your emotion of choice.


For example, if you’re feeling a little cultural then the website will tell you to head on over to Azerbaijan, Latvia, Turkey, Estonia or Vietnam.

If you’re feeling romantic (*winks*) then apparently Bulgaria is a hot spot for cuddles and kisses (*tilts head* really? Apparently it’s the ideal setting for falling in love) as is Cyprus (what?!), Maldives (yep, totally) and Poland (huh??).

You can choose your next holiday based on the list provided or select a destination that matches both your bucket list and the ’emotive results’.

Click here to take the test.

Where are your emotions telling you to go?