It’s no surprise to hear that Switzerland – one of the greenest countries in the world (literally) – is a mecca for outdoor adventure, but did you know its has over 65,000km of hiking trails?

Give or take (less likely) a couple of kilometres, Switzerland is rich with outdoor experiences for travellers during the cool winter AND the warm summer.

That sentence above is the essence of the country’s extended campaign – Nature Wants You Back -, which invites travellers, including Aussies, to get to the know the European destination, particularly when it isn’t blanketed with snow.

The campaign may ring familiar as it originally launched in 2017, however, it’s regularly refreshed by Switzerland’s tourism board as it delivers strong results, especially out of the Australian market that grew 193 percent since 2008 AND experienced a 65 percent increase in overnight stays during the summer months.

Speaking to media in Sydney last month, Switzerland Tourism’s outgoing Director for Australia and New Zealand, Mark Wettstein, said summer continues to be the more popular period for Aussies to visit but the campaign will help reach more travellers from Down Under with a message on what they can expect to see and do.

That’s why the 2019 campaign centres around the destination’s EXTENSIVE hiking offerings (65,000km) that are clearly marked with 50,000 signposts and way-makers, making it easy for hikers to go from one point to the next.


The board is showcasing three key hiking trials that cover classic, wild and soft – Alpina, the Alpine Passes and Jura Crest. Regardless of which is selected, visitors will take in postcard-perfect scenery, pristine nature, tranquil surroundings and remoteness (although there’s plenty for more to choose from).

“Switerland is a true hiking paradise. Believe it or not, a country that is two-third the size of Tasmania has the densest network of hiking trails in the world.”

Mark Wettstein, Switzerland Tourism Board Director Australia & New Zealand

Another key aspect of the campaign is to ensure travellers of all ages groups feel confident enough to get out and hike the many trails, including those over 50, who are the second largest market from Australia for Switzerland, as well as younger people, families, or those who just want to take a leisurely half-day stroll.


Accompanying the campaign this year is an inspiring magazine with content on hiking in the country, stories about trail running, wellness and a feature on a woman who completed her first peak.

Click here to check out the campaign & learn more about Switzerland’s hiking trails.


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