Dream Big: Aspiring Pilot Emily (10) & Jetstar's Chief Pilot Become Penpals

Get ready for all the warm fuzzies, as we tell you the story of how 10-year-old, aspiring pilot, Emily, became Penpals with Jetstar's Chief Pilot.

Get ready for all the warm fuzzies, as we tell you the story of how 10-year-old, aspiring pilot, Emily, became Penpals with Jetstar’s Chief Pilot.

Emily, who’s 10 years old and dreams of one day becoming a Jetstar 787 Captain, usually spends her spare time going plane spotting with her family.

But with fewer planes in the sky and restrictions in her home city of Melbourne, Emily has had to come up with new ways to learn about being a pilot.

How it all began

Captain Emily

“This is Emily speaking, your future Captain on board JQ602”. Captain Emily and First Officer Archer always light up our faces when they go on ‘plane spotting’ adventures with their mum. Cuteness overload.

Posted by Jetstar Australia on Thursday, November 1, 2018

Two years ago Emily had a very happy birthday experience with Jetstar.

She has always wanted to be a pilot and for her and her little brothers birthdays, Kristy, their mum, flys with them from Avalon to Sydney, just so they can watch planes for the day.

Dressed in complete pilot uniforms, of course.

Since then, Emily seems to be even more passionate about making her pilot dreams come true.

Fast forward two years later…

Pilot penpals

Jetstar Pilot

As part of a school project and with the help of her mum, Emily had the idea to write to Jetstar’s Chief Pilot Captain Jeremy Schmidt to ask the tough questions about what it takes to be a 787 Captain.

“What steps did you take to become a pilot?”, was one of many questions she asked.

Emily was delighted when she received a handwritten letter in response.

Jetstar Pilot
Jetstar Pilot
Jetstar Pilot

“At school I made sure I did mathematics as I needed that subject to be a pilot, and I studied hard,” responded Captain Schmidt.

Jetstar Pilot
Jetstar Pilot
Jetstar Pilot

Since her first letter in July, Emily has kept the questions coming for Captain Schmidt with five letters being exchanged so far.

Jetstar Pilot

Captain Schmidt agrees that it’s this kind of initiative that makes a good pilot, and there’s no doubt Emily has a future in flying.

How wholesome and heartwarming is that?

We can’t wait to fly with you in the future, Emily!

Keep following your dreams.

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