Business is booming at the new DreamBoyzEspresso stand in Seattle and we’re 99.9% sure it’s because of their speedy barista skills, delicious coffee blend, and friendly smiles…

Not just because they are absolutely gorgeous and wearing very little.

If we leave now, we might just get to Seattle in time for this morning’s morning coffee… one large cup of Ja’Shaun, please and thank you.


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Karry On - Topless Coffee

Soooo, if you like added muscles with your mocha, you might want to book a road trip to the USA right about now.

DreamBoyzEspresso is a small drive-through coffee stall in Seattle that has recently replaced a failing LadyBug Bikini Espresso stand.

And it is quite literally turning heads. (Oh, I wonder why?)

“It is not just shirtless men. We make good drinks too,”

Ja’Shaun Williams

New DreamBoy Brandom Peters has a passion for fitness and used to work at Starbucks, so this opportunity was absolutely perfect for him!

The baristas work in pairs to provide the local community with delicious hot beverages and pose for selfies with their fans. At the end of the day, they split the tips (which, apparently are better than the tips at Bucks) and then head to the gym!

The customers have been ‘appropriate and respectful’ so far, which is good to hear!

The owners say that they believe that Dreamboyz is the only coffee stand run by shirtless men in the entire state – but based on their 45 other operations, it probably won’t be the only one for long.



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