Dubai Tourism has published its visitor numbers performance report for 2019, noting a drop in Australian visitors versus 2018.

Overall, Dubai welcomed a total of 13.5 million international visitors from the start of the year until October, according to the latest figures on Dubai Tourism’s tourism portal.

The total figure compares to that of 12.88 million visitors for the same period last year.

Australia featured at number 15 on the visitation list with 2% of the market and 213,000 arrivals reported for 2019, a drop of 3,000 visitors and 1% versus the reported 2018 figure of 216,000.

India and Saudi Arabia continued as the top source markets for Dubai in October, Dubai Tourism data revealed.

A total of 1,588,000 travellers from India visited Dubai, which was a drop of three per cent when compared to the same period last year to October.

Saudi Arabia followed with 1,344,000 traveller arrivals, an increase of three per cent when compared to the same period in 2018.


Dubai’s third-largest source market, the UK saw 979,000 travellers, which was also a 1% drop versus 2018.

Oman came in at number 4 with 849,000 tourists and a jump of 27% versus 2018.

China and USA were third and fourth on the list with 807,000 and 529,000 tourists respectively.

Hotel occupancy across all star ratings was all above 70% with standard hotel level performing the best at 76%.

On average, travellers to Dubai stayed 3.5 nights according to the data.

Read the full report here.


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