Air New Zealand are back with the latest installment of their infamous safety video collection and it’s epic.

This time it’s a dreamy trip to Middle Earth for two Hobbit loving passengers, ‘Daniel Cresswell’ and ‘Jaya Beach Robertson’ to experience a very different on-board safety briefing.

The video runs for 4.35 and will no doubt bring yet more feelings of intense pride to Kiwis all over the world as well as entertain everyone else on-board. It’s an epic journey alright that takes you into the heart of Middle Earth and re-creates some of the epic action scenes amongst the stunning New Landscape. All whilst bringing you up to speed in the guise of a safety demonstration.


There are appearances from many of the famous Hobbit’s including Elijah Wood, Sylvester McCoy and Dean O’Gorman as well as Orcs, Air NZ crew and even Lord Peter Jackson himself.


Air New Zealand’s new safety video goes ‘hobbit-style’!

I’d argue that it’s probably the biggest budget safety movie ever made? Given the actors, the shoot locations and the high level CGI involved. The result? Another fantastic piece of entertainment from for Air New Zealand who again set the standard.

When you’ve watched a few Air New Zealand safety videos, all the others become a tad boring.

What do you think of Air New Zealand’s latest safety video?