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EXODUS TRAVELS: New Worldwide Adventures Featuring Walking & Hiking

Exodus Travels have just released their new Worldwide Small Group Adventures brochure with a range of their best sellers and a massive 40% bigger than last year.

Exodus Travels have just released their new Worldwide Small Group Adventures brochure with a range of their best sellers and a massive 40% bigger than last year.

Featuring an expanded Polar product range as well as an introduction to their Family trips, more maps and inspiration galore there is plenty to enjoy in the 2020 edition.

The growing popularity of Active adventures holiday has kept the Exodus product team busy in ensuring they develop the best programs within the destinations customers are asking for.

The new island sailing voyage in the Galapagos features an opportunity for hiking, kayaking and snorkelling excursions is a fantastic edition as is an action-packed adventure through Costa Rica, with boat trips, night walks, zip-lining and waterfall hikes.

The newest edition of the Walking & Hiking brochure has also just been released and features more than 100 walks & hikes around the world including more than 50 in Europe alone. A new 8 day walking trip along the Turquoise Coast in Turkey is just one of those included.

Lou Day, Manager of Exodus Travels Melbourne based office, explained that “as a 45-year-old UK based business we’ve really focused our expertise around our nearest neighbours, Europe. It reflects around 60% of our product range, with Italy & France being our top selling destinations for walking trips in Europe.”

Say hello to Lapland

Say hello to Lapland

Exodus Travels rates each trip between 1 and 7 for different levels of activity depending on how active the traveller wants to be – from leisurely – where travellers are looking to enjoy the outdoors but nothing too strenuous all the way up to a tough rating where travellers need to be more experienced hikers with a very good level of fitness.

Every one of their trips is rated and shown in the brochure so travellers know what to expect in advance.

“We’ve seen a growing demand for unique active experiences. It’s not all walking and cycling up mountains. Amongst others already mentioned, we’ve also added a Lapland Wilderness week to give travellers the opportunity to dog sled and snowshoe which is something many Australians have probably never had the chance to do before.”

“I’d encourage any agent who wants to learn more about who we are and what we offer to get in touch with their local Evolution Travel Collective BDM.”

Lou Day, Manager of Exodus Travels Melbourne

Exodus has also ensured they continue to add product based on traveller demand. With the number of itineraries in the Middle East growing year on year, they have also added Israel as an additional country to their ever-expanding list of destinations, with an 11 day Jordan Israel Discovery trip.


Say hello to Japan…

The same goes for the growth of travellers to Japan, an 8-day Highlights of Japan trip has been added to their range of longer itineraries already on offer.

In addition, with the release of the Chernobyl series earlier this year that meant creating a unique Chernobyl experience which led to them being granted access to permits few others receive, to enter the Nuclear Power Plant as part of a short 4-day tour they have developed.

From Iceland to South Africa, India to Antarctica and everything in between – these brochures cover all seven continents between them with a range of the most popular small group tours and best-selling Self-guided trips that Exodus Travels has to offer.

The brochures are now available online, or to order from TIFS or call Exodus on 1300 131 698 to speak with their specialist reservation team.

To get in touch with your local Evolution Travel Collective BDM, click here.