Chimu Adventures last night celebrated their 15th birthday in true Latin style with a fiesta loca at Mexican Community Cantina Two Wolves in Sydney.

With ‘A touch of Latin’ theme, invited travel industry guests and the Chimu team munched their way through a Mexican street-style feast while enjoying a few tequilas (hiccup), a Mariachi band and smashing a ‘15’ shaped piñata.

On the night (25th July) of the company’s humble beginnings 15 years ago, this was a heartfelt event of pride and collective celebration with some cracking costumes and special guests including Frida Carlo (Sarah Baxter, GM, Chimu), ‘Chad’ Guevara (Chad Carey, Co-Founder Chimu Adventures) and even a human tequila bottle bouncing around the room. (Was that you James McAlloon?)

There were also a number of achievement awards presented to various team members as well as heartfelt speeches from Chimu Founders Greg Carter and Chad Carey.

“We’re absolutely thrilled that after 15 years we are still as bright and innovative as ever, with our strong commitment to providing no cookie-cutter, sustainable experiences for our wonderful clients. We just want to say thanks to everyone out there for all their support and we look forward to growing further with our partners in the years to come.”

Greg Carter, Co-Founder Chimu Adventures

Sarah Baxter, GM Chimu Adventures

John Gartner, Chimu Adventures

Perhaps the most poignant moment of the evening came from David Jensen, (Founding Chairman of the Mawsons Hut Foundation) who said in his emotional speech that he “couldn’t be more grateful for everything Chimu have done for them”, which has included going as far as donating office space for the foundation at Chimu’s head office in Sydney.

Mr Jensen went on to say that “Continuing the work of the Mawson’s Hut Foundation simply couldn’t have been possible without Chimu’s incredible support.”

Hannah Charlton, Chimu Adventures

Nicila Forsyth, Chimu Adventures

During the last decade and a half, the business has grown into an AU$40 million enterprise, employing over 70 staff in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Canada, Germany and on the ground in Latin America.

“For me, the night is a celebration of our amazing team. In the early years, it was very much the Chad and Greg show. Recently we’ve had so many talented team members step up and really start to lead. It makes me so proud to see our people grow in their roles the way they have.”

Chad Carey, Co-Founder Chimu Adventures

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Remarkably, Chimu has also helped raise close to $1m in funds towards purpose related activities in the past 15 years through their own foundation – the MAD Project.

James McAlloon, Chimu Adventures