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FIRST LOOK: Virgin Galactic reveals images of its new ‘Gateway to Space’

Virgin Galactic has revealed first look images of the interior fit-out of its "Gateway to Space" building at Spaceport America in New Mexico.

Virgin Galactic has revealed first look images of the interior fit-out of its “Gateway to Space” building at Spaceport America in New Mexico.

The first floor focused on planet earth is named Gaia, representing the point of departure and return.

An elevated, interactive digital walkway has been installed here to “heighten the departure experience for the future astronauts and their friends and family as they set out from Spaceport to VSS Unity on the day of flight”.

VirginGalactic - Gatewaytospace

The “earth-focused design” will provide a fitting welcome to newly-graduated astronauts returning from space with a new appreciation and understanding of planet Earth

Gaia is the “social hub of the building”, where everyone is part of the Virgin Galactic family.

“Future Astronauts will share breakfast with spaceship pilots, grab coffee with rocket engineers and pass the time of day with the team from Mission Control”.

Virgin Galactic

The focal point of Gaia is Barista Island, a central bar made of back-lit Italian marble hovering above hand-crafted oak.

The second floor is named Cirrus, representing light, air and flight.

It is the “beating heart of spaceflight operation” and is connected to the community hub of Gaia below through a double-height atrium.

The colour palette graduates from the earthy tones below in Gaia to lighter white and grey shades.

This area is home to Mission Control, the Mission Briefing Room, the Pilot Corps and the rest of the Flight Operations team.

Virgin Galactic’s space fleet will be housed in the Gateway to Space hangar which is already home to VMS Eve.

This huge expanse in the middle of the building is large enough to accommodate two carrier aircraft, each with a wingspan of 140 ft along with five SpaceShipTwo vehicles.

Gateway to Space

Spaceport America’s Gateway to Space is now functionally operational – ready to host the remaining portion of Virgin Galactic’s test flight program before welcoming its very first Future Astronauts.