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Flight Centre Brand 4.0: Skroo Turner shares bold plans for future

Celebrating a remarkable four decades in business this month, the Flight Centre team led by co-founder Graham ‘Skroo’ Turner, has shared its bold plans for the 40-year old version of Flight Centre Brand 4.0.

Celebrating a remarkable four decades in business this month, the Flight Centre team led by co-founder Graham ‘Skroo’ Turner, has shared its bold plans for the 40-year old version of Flight Centre Brand 4.0.

Embracing Flight Centre’s three core assets – its people, its product, and its global retail footprint – the brand has outlined an industry-first blended ecosystem of technology and traditional booking systems.

At the heart of FCB 4.0 is Flight Centre’s ‘omni-retailing’ concept. This ties together the different ways Flight Centre clients book travel: in-store, on mobile or desktop, over the phone or via the Flight Centre app.

The cornerstone of the omni-retailing platform is Flight Centre’s new soon-to-launch global website with world-class booking functionality.

The site will showcase a standardised global brand, with regional and in-store functionality for bookable travel products, pricing, and promotion.

Speaking about the new direction, Flight Centre Travel Group co-founder Skroo Turner said “We’ve used the past two years to right-size the business and reinvent Flight Centre after taking stock of our future ambitions.

“Without leaving our core assets behind, we’re moving from a world of complexity to one of simplicity for our customers and consultants.”

“As Australians turn their attention to travel once more, we’re improving the value and expertise of our consultants who will operate in a F2F environment, supported by the most sophisticated of online platforms.”

The FCB 4.0 model will reportedly aim to seamlessly connect the consultant and the customer, in both the physical and online environment, by featuring:

  • Dynamic and globalised pricing strategy
  • Consistent Flight Centre client experience no matter the location
  • Helio, a first-class intuitive booking system with automated best deal search
  • CustomerOne, a refined customer sales management tool
  • Single view display of all booking data of the end-to-end journey for both client and consultant.

Flight Centre’s Global Managing Director, Andrew Stark says, “The vision of the Flight Centre business has remained the same: to open up the world for those who want to see.”

“At the same time, the role of the consultant has evolved, and customer expectations have shifted as they’re after more streamlined and intuitive processes for their bookings, online and in-store,” says Stark.

“Our new online platform features a single booking portal that customers and consultants can access seamlessly, whether the booking is made in-store or online.

“Via our new omni-retail model, the business will increase its online sales to 40% of total transactional value by 2025.”

In that time, Flight Centre envisions changes in the travel industry as customers put regional and global sustainability top of mind when booking holidays. 

“To meet this evolving customer demand, Flight Centre Travel Group’s booking platforms have also been designed to inform and help clients make decisions around their travel options, providing CO2 reporting and carbon offsetting solutions that contribute to positive climate action,” says Stark.


“Our suppliers are also taking positive steps to reduce their impact, with many of our preferred partners having implemented comprehensive environmental and broader Corporate Social Responsibility strategies.” 

Today Flight Centre business is represented by 3,000 people in 450 shops globally, having weathered natural disasters, pandemics, and aviation crises.

“The Flight Centre people are our biggest asset and our biggest differentiator in the global market. This is the essential difference between us and our competitors in the online travel agency space,” said Skroo.

“We’ve been the catalyst for millions of amazing travel experiences over the past 40 years.

“We look forward to organising many more million flights and trips, both with our customers and our consultants truly co-captaining the Flight Centre journey together for the first time.”

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