Flight Centre's Healthwise Launch Wellbeing Plan To Stay Positive

Flight Centre Travel Group’s In-house health initiative ‘Healthwise’ has launched a complete wellbeing plan and toolkit for all employees to keep them healthy and strong.

Flight Centre Travel Group’s In-house health initiative ‘Healthwise’ has launched a complete wellbeing plan and toolkit for all employees to keep them healthy and strong.

The comprehensive guide and toolkit have been created for “anyone working from home or anyone in quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic” and is available to all Flight Centre Travel Group employees as part of the company’s ongoing commitment to staff wellbeing.

The guide and toolkit include numerous video workouts, yoga, Pilates and mindset meditation sessions as well as useful nutrition tips on what to eat as well as some simple meal ideas and hygiene best practice.

Healthwise has also integrated a daily communication plan to go out to all staff based around the below themes.

  • Mindful Monday – Aiming to build resilience in what is such a challenging time
  • Workout and Nutrition Tuesday – Keeping everyone’s strength and energy up
  • Immunity Tips Wednesday – Thinking about what more we can all do to strengthen our immunity
  • Workout Thursday – For fun and to get the body moving
  • Happy Friday – Focussing on happiness and finding balance

The guide and toolkit and updates will be posted on the company’s Facebook Workplace to all of their 23+ countries so that everyone can access the tools either from home or office.

Healthwise is also running Facebook Live workouts for all staff to participate in from wherever they may be.

Speaking exclusively to Karryon about the much-needed initiative, Tod Horton (Healthwise Global Business Leader) said he’s already seen some “amazing stories of Flighties doing workouts at home as part of the group hosting Facebook Live Healthwise workouts”.

Horton went on to say:

“We’ve encouraged all of our leaders and suppliers to keep visiting stores to support our frontline teams as much as possible with healthy snacks such as nuts, seeds, fruit and veggies to help keep their immune systems up and maintain the focus on helping our customers”.

Tod Horton (Healthwise Global Business Leader)


In what is the most challenging time any of us have ever had to face in the travel industry, wellbeing initiatives like this have never been more crucial.

With no immediate end in sight, the mental impact from the collective and individual fallout of what the industry is experiencing can and should not be underestimated.

We’re thinking of you all out there and have made it our mission here at Karryon to keep the industry’s spirits up while we navigate this unprecedented time together.


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