Travelling around Argentina may prove a little difficult for some flyers in the coming months as one of the country’s biggest airlines, Avianca Argentina, suspends operations.

Avianca Argentina’s Chief Executive, Carlos Colunga, confirmed overnight that the airline grounded its aircraft on 9 June 2019 over financial difficulties.

Colunga said that the suspension of services could last up to 90 days but would give the carrier enough time to restructure its business and network into a more profitable model.


As part of the temporary closure, the airline shut down its website.

“With the current aircraft and the competition that exists, it is not viable to continue with the operations.”

Carlos Colunga, Avianca Argentina Chief Executive


Avianca Argentina’s grounding comes less than two weeks after its sister airline, Avianca Brasil halted its operations over similar financial difficulties.

The Brazilian-based brand filed for bankruptcy in December last year, but continued to run operations as per usual.


Has anyone you know been affected by the suspension?