When it comes to experiencing Britain, Australians want to consume more than London‘s main sites. Sorry Big Ben and London Bridge, but your visitors from Down Under want more.

Tricia Warwick of VisitBritain described Australians as the most adventurous of Britain’s international arrivals because they’re getting out of the main city and spending an average of 13 days getting to know the region.

Speaking to KARRYON during a recent visit to Sydney, the Director of Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa said that high up on the must-dos for Aussie visitors are the “you’d be sorry to miss” gems such as a self-drive to the scenic Lake District, and a cruise through the region’s canals.


Of course, they’re also keen on museums and galleries, as well as seeing first-hand the extensive network of castles across Britain.

On a quirkier side, high-up on the Australian bucket list are London Taxi rides and an afternoon tea at a fancy hotel.


Aussies want more than London after they ride around in a branded taxi. Image: Hat Creative/Unsplash

“The knowledge of London and its icons is high, but we promote the lesser-known and hidden gems, especially to the Australian market which want to see them,” Warwick explained.

“Aussies have a strong wanderlust for Britain. They want to get out and about.”

Tricia Warwick, VisitBritain Director of Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa


Britain’s Lake District is high up on the list of must-dos. Image: Matt Heaton/Unsplash

But where does this drive to go beyond London come from?

Warwick explained that this ‘wanderlust’ comes from a shared sense of kinship between two nations, which is born out of the fact that 56 percent of Australia’s population has Anglo-Celtic heritage.

As a result of this kinship, Australia is the fifth most valuable market to Britain, after the US, France, Germany and Spain. It’s also one of the biggest visitor markets to Scotland.

“Because of this link, Australians are visiting Britain and they want to know what else to see. So we make sure to highlight the obvious and the unexpected in our marketing.”

Tricia Warwick, Visit Britain Director of Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa