FREEDOM DAY: NSW & VIC Celebrate A Significant Lifting Of Restrictions

It's time to do a big old happy dance, ON THE D-FLOOR, because today marks 'Freedom Day', with a wave of restrictions relaxed across the states.

It’s time to do a big old happy dance, ON THE D-FLOOR, because today marks ‘Freedom Day’, with a wave of restrictions relaxed across the states.

‘Freedom day’ has finally arrived for NSW, as a plethora of COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, edging the state another step closer to normal, just in time for Chrissy.

VIC is also enjoying a relaxation of restrictions from today, which, a few months ago, nobody could ever have imagined the state coming this far in such a short amount of time.

What’s the deal in NSW?

Freedom Day

From today, NSW says “cheerio” the one person per 4sq m rule in favour of one person per 2sq m – with gyms and nightclubs as the exceptions.

100 people can now attend outdoor gatherings, and 50 can attend home gatherings. (hello Christmas partaaays!)

Nightclubs can open, with up to 50 people on the dance floor at a time and standing will be allowed at ourdoor hospitality venues.

Festval goers and sports fans will be pleased to hear that controlled events will be permitted to have up to 5000 people, subject to the 2sq m rule, while stadiums and outdoor theatres can operate at 100 per cent capacity. (Did someone say cricket at the SCG?)

Indoor stadiums and theatres can operate at 75 per cent capacity and choirs of up to 50 people will be permitted to perform indoors.

Couples who have had to keep changing their wedding dates can now invite as many people as they like, with 50 guests allowed to hit the dance floor at any one time, and the cap at funerals has also been scrapped.

The good news also means that, as well as Christmas being much more fun than we perhaps thought it would be, many hospitality workers will be back on the tools and, from January 11, companies will be allowed to welcome back 50 per cent of their workforce to the office.

What’s the deal in VIC?

Freedom Day

In Melbourne, face coverings are now only mandatory on public transport and in some shops. The number of people allowed in bars and restaurants, shops, and places of worship has also lifted.

Victorians are now able to stand at any bar for a drink and one hundred people can gather outdoors in VIC, with 30 allowed at home.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said the way the state has handled to crisis “makes you proud to be a Victorian”.

Congratulations to both states, what an achievement.

Enjoy your new-found and probably way more appreciated than ever, freedom.