In celebration of Hilton’s 100th anniversary, the hotel giant has looked into its crystal ball (with a little help from futurists) to uncover what trends could dominate the hotel industry in another 100 year’s time.

When it comes to WHERE their hotels are based. They could be ANYWHERE. Think other planets and high up in the mountains to avoid encroaching seas.

“We’ve ventured into the middle of unexplored, previously uninhabitable deserts and created places of beauty and recreation,” Hilton comments in their future report.


Hilton predicts that in the hotel of 2119, technology will allow every space, fitting and furnishing to continuously update to respond to an individual’s real-time needs.

Guests will control their wants and needs through microchips under their skin enabling them to wirelessly control the setting around them.

Yet, in a world filled with Artificial Intelligence, Hilton says human contact and the personal touch will be more critical and sought after than ever.


Luckily technology will free up time for hotel staff to focus on what matters most: helping guests to connect with one another and building memorable moments

It probably comes as no surprise that sustainability will be baked into everything about a hotel’s design – from weather-proofed domes, to buildings made from ocean-dredged plastic.

Hilton expects that our diets will include more plant-based recipes and some surprising sources of protein…think Beetle Bolognese, Plankton Pies and Seaweed Green Velvet Cake.

Chefs will be provided with biometric data for each guest, automatically creating meals based on preferences and nutritional requirements.


When it comes to health and fitness, Hilton suggests that the energy generated from guest’s workouts could be used to power the hotel, providing a zero-impact, circular system.

Further to this…there will be holographic personal trainers to keep guests in peak fitness!

Ultimately though offline will be the new luxury as guests seek to find moments of tech-free time.


Do you think these predictions will eventuate?