Already buzzing with excitement ahead of the release of Rise of Skywalker this month? Well, get ready to have your mind blow, because Disney has also announced the Galactic Starcruiser will be opening in 2021.

Disney’s website says ‘come live your very own epic Star Wars story’ and we say a big HECK YEAH!

The ‘create your own epic adventure’ will be an all-immersive’ 2-night stay aboard the magnificent Galactic Starcruiser in Orlando, and, although it might be a little way off, our Jedi Robes and Lightsabers are already hanging next to our suitcases.


Hurry up 2021

Karryon - Star Wars

Image: Walt Disney Word

Ann Morrow Johnson, Walt Disney Imagineering’s executive producer and creative director, announced the opening date during a media event on Tuesday night.

She explained the hotel will offer a cruise-like experience, as guests will arrive for two-night itineraries aboard the Halcyon.

Guests will take a “Launch Pod” to the hotel, where they will have personal adventures through both onboard activities and an excursion to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.



Karryon - Star Wars

Image: Walt Disney Word

Guests will arrive at a simulated spaceport, then “jump to lightspeed” aboard the starcruiser Halcyon.

Instead of windows, guests will have a simulated view of space through ‘viewports’ as they approach a ‘massive ship that is much too large to land on any planet.’

Onboard there will be droids, an alien crew, and plenty of cool surprises.

We hope Chewy is there!

Activities will include lightsaber training, tours of the bridge (that may or may not devolve into space fights with guests taking the controls), and visits to “secret parts” of the ship like the engineering room.

During their stay, guests will also be ferried to and from the planet Batuu’s Black Spire Outpost on custom-built vehicles.

The mock-up of these “transports” is reminiscent of the interior of the iconic Tantive IV, seen in the opening moments of the original Star Wars film in 1977.

The role-playing experience will carry over into the park as well. The post says that the goal is to keep guests “fully in-story” all during their stay.


When can we go?

Karryon - Star Wars

Image: Walt Disney Word

Disney’s high-concept Star Wars hotel will open at Walt Disney World sometime in 2021.

(Watch this space for more deets!)

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