Helloworld has revealed new bespoke technology for agents, designed to help them increase revenue, yield and profit by showing them exactly how their business is performing.

Unique to Helloworld Travel, the product was developed in with support from Resurg Group (which specialises in Franchise Business Insights).

Using the HLO Business Insights Dashboard, the new technology will allow agents to track their level of preferred sales, their current yield, individual consultant performance and other key metrics.

It can also provide a target list of key focus areas ranked by current performance, showing each owner exactly where to focus efforts to increase performance.

The business insights tool allows benchmarking across the network, delivering insights to help increase profitability.

It is now available to all Helloworld Travel agents across branded, associate and corporate networks at no cost (90% of the leisure networks are using it with agent feedback overwhelmingly positive).

Paul Gardner, Co-owner of Eastern Hill Travel, a member of Helloworld Travel said: “If you can’t measure your performance you can’t grow your performance”.

“Accurately measuring our results in real-time is invaluable to our business. It gives us complete transparency over how we are performing, how we are tracking and what the potential earn would be across our preferred partners,” he said.

The enhancements were announced at the recent Helloworld Travel OMC and Business Travel Summit in Saigon and recently released to the Helloworld Travel networks.

“Providing our owners & managers with the ability to track in real time exactly where their performance is at with our preferred partners is game changing,’ General Manager Independent and Corporate Networks at Helloworld Travel David Padman concluded.


Have you used the technology and if so, has it made a difference?