Get ready to swim in a rooftop pool at JFK Airport overlooking the runway

A sassy new rooftop pool is coming to JFK Airport next month that may for once have you wishing your flight gets delayed.

A sassy new rooftop pool is coming to JFK Airport next month that may for once have you wishing your flight gets delayed.

The retro flashy new 512-room TWA Hotel (hello Madmen), set to open on this month at the largest of New York’s airports has announced that its luxurious (plane nerd paradise) rooftop infinity pool and observation deck will “be making a splash” from May 15.

According to the hotel, the 20-metre long pool will be open all year-round, with ‘cooling’ water during the summer and a warm ‘pool-cuzzi’ vibe to keep you all toasty in there during the colder months.

The hotel says the pool temperature can dial up to a muscle soaking 38 degrees Celsius.


You never know who you might meet…

The infinity edge pool will even include a sandy beach, underwater seating and a mighty excellent view of JFK’s runway 4L/22R, which is one of the biggest runways at the airport.

And if you’re thinking “How are they going to keep this pool clean given the amount of use it’s going to get?”, don’t worry, they’ve thought of that too.

The highly filtered water in the pool is purified every 30 minutes (a standard pool recirculates every 6 hours!).

“Despite the heavy runway traffic at JFK’s 128 gates, the deck is surprisingly quiet,” the hotel press release states.

We’ll see about that.


“Can we offer you a beverage while you wade?

The Gerber Group will operate The Pool Bar & Observation Deck, serving food from a full kitchen and cocktails including a Mile High Spritz (vodka, St. Germain elderflower liqueur, fresh lime juice and prosecco) and a Watermelon Collins (Aviation gin, watermelon and lemon juices, agave and club soda).

So grab yourself a fun, aviation-inspired cocktail and plenty of selfies while you enjoy a truly one-off experience (oh, and maybe your noise cancelling headphones just in case).

Because let’s face it, you probably weren’t expecting this kind of attraction at JFK.

TWA Hotel

TWA Hotel

The TWA hotel will also feature a 10,000-square-foot observation deck and a museum dedicated to TWA, which is what the airline the terminal was originally built for.

The retro property is built inside the former Trans World Airlines terminal and will also feature six restaurants, eight bars and a lobby completely transformed into fab recreations of the Jet Age.

Guests of the TWA Hotel will be able to use the rooftop pool as part of their stay, while non-hotel guests can make reservations to check out the pool bar in transit.

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