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Good Vibes Only: Positive Travel Stories That'll Make You Smile

Need a side of sunny vibes with your morning coffee? Well, Karryon has you covered! We're serving up the very best industry news, guaranteed to put a big old goofy smile on that lovely face of yours.

Need a side of sunny vibes with your morning coffee? Well, Karryon has you covered! We’re serving up the very best industry news, guaranteed to put a big old goofy smile on that lovely face of yours.

Sometimes all you have to do, is take a step back from everything that is going on, and focus on the good in the world.

We’ll be keeping these updates super fresh and full of feel-good vibes, travel inspo, laughs, and warm tingly feelings that sing out the #togetherintravel message.

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Disney releases free videos giving people front-row seats on their most popular rides

Those missing their Disney fix will be excited to learn that Disney is releasing videos that let you virtually ride some of the parks favourite attractions.

On top of their virtual ride videos, Disney has released even more ways to celebrate the happiest place on earth from home.

Initiatives include videos on how to create your favourite Disney dishes, clips of theme-park parades and making DIY home versions of the rides using household objects.

You can find all the videos here.

Row Venice is using gondolas to deliver groceries

With gondola rides off the cards in Venice right now, the boats are being used for a more practical purpose – delivering groceries.

Not-for-profit, female run company Row Venice, ordinally hosts rowing lessons for tourists, but with that off the cards due to the pandemic, they’ve decided to help those who can’t go grocery shopping right now.

“We offer an ecological transportation solution, lending a hand in this difficult time as we return to the origins of the city itself,” Row Venice commented.

“We hope that this service will not be forgotten after the emergency passes and that other companies are persuaded that eco-sustainable rowing, albeit slower, is a viable choice,” the company commented. 

Check out their awesome Instagram page here.

Globus family of brands launches fun work from home photo challenge

Despite the new work from home lifestyle keeping everyone apart, Globus family of brands is keeping the team spirit alive with regular photo challenges.

The GFOB team has worked up a sweat in their activewear, kicked back in their pyjamas and dressed up in black tie, with star appearances from the teams’ little ones and furry friends!

Keep an eye on the GFOB Linkedin page for more great photo challenge updates to keep you smiling.

Celebrity Cruise Captain Goes Viral with Hope-Inducing TikTok

Kate McCue, captain of Celebrity Edge and the first American woman to ever captain a cruise ship, has released a TikTok to spark hope among fellow crew members.

The video, titled “Fight Club, TikTok Edition”, depicts Kate at the helm of the Edge dancing to a remix of Rachel Plattern’s “Fight Song” and has so far clocked 42,000 views on her Insta!

You go, girl!

Dogs working from home is what we all need in our lives RN

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Kiki is all of us RN.

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Each one of these pawsome doggos is nailing the WFH ergonomic desk set-up, brightening up the 10am Zoom conference and keeping us all sane with their overwhelming cuteness.

A huge thank you to the genius behind this wonderous account.

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Join In with the #ThankstoTravel movement

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Thanks to travel I met a witch doctor in a mountain hut in Swaziland. It was also the trip where I spent every single day laughing hysterically with a wonderful group of people, & was the best tonic after an incredibly rough couple of months. Thanks to travel my friends & I spent a night on a deserted island in Halong Bay, playing volleyball & swimming with bioluminescent plankton. Thanks to travel I’ve spotted sleepy sloths & humpback whales in Costa Rica, swam with nurse sharks in Belize, scuba dived with giant turtles in Indonesia, & cried when I saw baby elephants playing with each other at a watering hole in South Africa. Thanks to travel I’ve jumped (& fallen) down waterfalls, out of planes, have a tattoo that I hope translates well into English, eaten enough amazing food to last me a lifetime, slept in weird and wonderful places (Romanian Ice Hotel, anyone?), drank beers whilst watching incredible sunsets, climbed volcanoes & ziplined my way across jungle canopies. Thanks to travel I have a job that I love, although PR isn’t all smiles & rainbows. It’s often long days, pre-event meltdowns, being your absolute charming, best self when you don’t always feel like it & using your brain to figure out how you’re going to solve the problem of epic proportions that you’ve found yourself in. Looking back now I would happily take a ‘bad day’ over the past few weeks because it has been pretty stressful for so many reasons, but most of all because it’s hard to imagine that the very industry that has given me so many opportunities both professionally & personally is in danger of never being the same again. BUT, amongst all the doom & gloom, travel has meant that I have met people from all walks of life who I’m still friends with now, & I’ve been able to spend time with the people I love the most. Thanks to travel I have so many memories that are etched in my mind & are all pieced together like a dodgy patchwork quilt, but that make me, me. #ThanksToTravel

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The aim of the campaign is simple… show your appreciation for travel and support the industry by reminiscing and sharing some of your most special travel memories.

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Join in and brighten someone’s day by sharing a little positivity. Simply use the #ThanksToTravel, then tag 3 friends to pass the message on.

Soneva Spreads Love & Positivity

The luxury resort group, Soneva, has had its hosts put together an enlightening video to make you smile. 

A special visit from Cathay Pacific Pilot Bear

Cathay Pacific staff at Sydney Airport had a special visitor touch down to become part of the popular teddy bear hunt trend.

The Pilot Bear has long been a mascot for the Hong Kong-based airline and decided to make himself comfortable by taking a tour of a Cathay Pacific A350-900. 

After spending some time in his Business Class seat, the Pilot Bear decided to join pilots Captain David Newbery and First Officer Herman Ghekiere in the cockpit.

Judging by the goggles and jacket he looks right at home.

Keep smiling and remember, we will travel again.