Online disruptor Luxury Escapes is shaking things up once again by launching new flight integration technology, giving customers the option to add on flights to their accommodation and tour packages.

This officially makes the luxury deals website a one-stop-shop for booking an entire luxury holiday.

Luxury Escapes says the changes will cut down the time and effort of searching for flights through another website and allow their customers to view the best value months to travel up to one year in advance.

It’s best to know what your competitors are up to, so we will share with you how it will work.

Luxury Escapes

An interface will show package pricing up to 330 days in advance, highlighting the months and seasons with the lowest priced fares to travel for both land and air.

If variables such as the departure city or the number of travellers are changed, the price is updated to reflect the total cost.

The new offering was developed after luxury escapes discovered Australian’s had three points of frustration when booking a holiday: transparency on final price, easy comparison between costs and quick response time.

Luxury Esscapes

Flight integration follows the launch of Luxury Escapes travel insurance, day tours, lounge passes and experiences.


What are your thoughts on Luxury Escapes’ latest offering?