Italy’s second-biggest airline Air Italy (previously known as Meridiana) has stopped flying and gone into liquidation, confirming that flights from February 25 will be refunded.

Meanwhile, all flights from today through to the February 25 end date will be operated by other carriers.

Passengers should be flying on the same day and at the same time using their original Air Italy ticket.

Alisarda controlled 51% of Air Italy, while Qatar Airways had a 49% stake.


The decision to fold the airline was made at an emergency meeting of its shareholders yesterday following two years of heavy losses.

It’s a disappointing end to Air Italy’s ambitious growth plan to double its fleet target 10 million passengers by 2022.

The Sardinian based airline operated both domestic flights and long-haul flights to destinations including New York, Miami and Los Angeles.

In a statement, Qatar indicated that it would have been ready to invest more in the Air Italy.

“Even with the changing competitive environment and the increasingly difficult market conditions severely impacting the air transport industry, Qatar Airways has continually reaffirmed its commitment, as a minority shareholder, to continue investing in the company.”

“Qatar Airways was ready once again to play its part in supporting the growth of the airline, but this would only have been possible with the commitment of all shareholders.”

Passengers can request a refund by emailing [email protected]. For more information, see the Air Italy website