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Helping Agents fight back against Webjet

Some companies focus their marketing on raising the profile of their own brand; others grow business for their customers.

Some companies focus their marketing on raising the profile of their own brand; others grow business for their customers.


It’s not the first time roomsXML have tried something different. Mark Luckey explains:

“My team delivers awesome customer service and support. Over time that message became ‘roomsXML supports travel agents’. This is next level.”

The Australian travel industry is frustrated with Webjet who have targeted smaller Travel Agents. As Mark explains, it’s challenging to fight a brand who can advertise on television.


“The large OTA’s spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce cheap shots at travel agents on prime-time television. But media is evolving you can get hits elsewhere. People power can create momentum,” he said.

“We’ve produced a cute little video highlighting why travellers should use a travel agent instead of a big online travel agency. Travel is about people and experiences. Secondly, travel agents are professionals and know what they are doing.”

In a world that regularly complains about distribution of wealth and the growing chasm between rich and poor, the third point is salient.


“We learnt from the “Milk Wars” in Australia that once people realise getting a cheap price is ripping off people in their community, attitudes change.”

“You can buy with a big OTA and help an individual earn millions or spend the same dollar for a better experience with an agent who uses it to buy a latte, something at a market, towards school fees.

“We are saying to agents share this video. Put it on your website, put it on your Facebook page, show it to your customers, share the message. It’s about promoting travel agents. Promote yourself.”

Mark Luckey, roomsXML

“We made this video so it can be customised with a travel agents logo and URL for their own promotion. If an agency wants it customised, show us a receipt for a $25 donation they have made at www.projectkarma.org.au, send us a high-resolution logo and upload the video to YouTube page or somewhere you can count hits.”

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 4.07.10 pm

The guys at roomsXML know the risqué language won’t appeal to every demographic, so more video’s embracing different themes and styles are under production and will be released soon.

“We don’t have anywhere near the budget or the resources to produce adverts the way companies like Webjet can. But we can rally an industry to share a simple message that we need to put people back into booking a holiday.”

Who loses? This time, not the travel agent.

Check out the video below:

For a customised video, email au.support@roomsxml.com

Would you be keen on fighting back with a video?