After a particularly boozy night on their honeymoon (we’re talking 12 glasses of rum deep), a British couple decided to buy the small beachfront hotel that they were staying at in Sri Lanka.

According to The Daily Mirror Gina Lyon and Mark Lee from London hit it off with some of the staff in Tangalle on their first night there and discovered the lease was almost up on the hotel.

When the couple found out it was just under AU$19,000 a year to take over the lease for the hotel, the buzzed couple thought why not?


Image: Facebook

Despite having had the initial conversation about purchasing the hotel whilst they were drunk, Gina told The Daily Mirror that they were also tipsy during the following, more serious conversations the next day.

With Dutch courage, they agreed to take over the lease of the hotel for the next three years.


“Our friends and family think we’re idiots and shouldn’t have been doing it — we owed a lot of money from the wedding and only lived in a tiny flat, and now we have a baby on the way.”

Gina Lyon

In July this year, the couple reopened the seven-bedroom bed-and-breakfast they christened Lucky Beach Tangalle. You can follow their journey here on Facebook.


Image: Facebook

Unconventional decision making aside, their new hotel is off to a good start with a steady flow of customers.

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