Where did you imagine travelling to when you were a kid? That’s the story Excite Holidays are telling in their latest brand video to help inspire travel agents’ clients to dream big.

Excite Holidays have launched their latest brand video, ‘Where Do You Want To Go?‘ which has been designed to help travel agents remind their clients of the imaginative power and expertise agents have to offer versus clients booking travel themselves.

The video is a touching tribute to the power of travel, told through the eyes of four children and highlights the importance of travel and the positive impact that travelling has on the lives of Agents’ clients and those closest to them.

From dreaming of being a princess fighting scary dragons (visiting Disneyland), to being transported to a land of dinosaurs (in Hawaii), slam dunking like an NBA Basketball star (in the USA) or swimming amongst colourful fish under the waves as a mermaid (On the Barrier Reef), the video suggests that ‘every great travel experience starts with a little bit of imagination’.

The 60-second high-end video was created and produced entirely in-house by Excite Holidays and was months in the making.


Speaking at a launch event yesterday in Sydney, Vanessa Richards, Global Head of Marketing at Excite Holidays said;

“Agents have been continually challenged by the evolution of the industry, but one thing that’s never changed is their innate skill to share their own personal excitement and imagination to create incredible holidays for their clients. We’ve created this campaign to remind more agents that it’s them that brings their clients’ dreams to life and that actually, it’s still their unique point of difference in today’s market.”
Excite Holidays Co-Founder Nic Stavropoulos and Head of Marketing (Global) Vanessa Richards

Excite Holidays Co-Founder Nic Stavropoulos and Head of Marketing (Global) Vanessa Richards


“Because no matter who you are – every great travel experience starts with a little imagination.”


Excite Holidays are hoping that agents will share the video with their own clients to help transport them back to a place of imagination so they can help make their clients dreams a reality.

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