We all know Australians have a strong reputation as great travellers, but here is something that may surprise you: Australians are some of the most valuable luxury travellers in the world.

Research by global luxury travel network, Virtuoso has revealed that luxe Aussie travellers are consuming at record rates, with demand pushing a raft of luxury travel brands to open sales offices across the country.

Here are just some of the reasons why they are so valuable: they take many international trips, are the second highest consumers of Business Class flights worldwide and they spend the most time on holiday.

Aussies make 25% MORE luxury trips than the average international traveller and represent the highest consumers of luxury travel leisure nights.

Their average income is an attractive $318,000 a year and they spend about $13,000 per trip, with relaxation being their top reason for travel.

Chairman and CEO of Virtuoso Matthew D. Upchurch said Australians represent some of the most prolific travellers in their network.

“They are also some of the most intrepid travellers, always looking to new and interesting destinations that their American contemporaries might not have considered yet.”

Chairman and CEO of Virtuoso Matthew D. Upchurch

He said such travellers value impeccable service and will switch their loyalties, even if it means paying more.

“This is certainly true during their travels, but it happens during the planning process as well. Consumers will collaborate with their travel advisor – just as they would with their financial advisor – to ensure they get the experience they want,” he said.

Internationally there has been a huge expansion in luxury travel, with Virtuoso’s network recording 12% growth in the past year alone.

In Australia, Virtuoso has become the fastest growing retail consortia in the country, with current sales up 19% on the previous 12 months.

Image: Douglas Sanchez/Unsplash

Recognising this growth, Virtuoso will host its global Symposium in Melbourne next May, gathering together 500 luxury travel leaders from across the world.

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