The last time West Hollywood opened the doors to a completely new-build hotel Whitney Houston’s ‘I Wanna Dance with Somebody’ was topping the charts, Ronald Reagan was President and… I was born ✌️.

Now three decades later, the city is giving travellers fresh accommodation options with the opening of three completely new (from the ground-up) properties over the next 18 months.

Speaking to KarryOn, Visit West Hollywood’s Board Chair, Greg Harless and Chief Executive Tom Kiely said the projects will meet inventory demand as tourism to the city continues to climb while also giving visitors access to “boutique, sleek, unique, modern and chic” rooms.

“West Hollywood has matured as a destination and we needed to add inventory in order to satisfy the travel demand that we have.”

Greg Harless, Visit West Hollywood Board Chair

“Demand isn’t only just from Australians going to West Hollywood, but we have a lot of business with music, entertainment, and other creative agency types. We needed more capacity.”

The Rooftop at The James with views from Downtown to the Pacific Ocean.

The Rooftop at The James with views from Downtown to the Pacific Ocean.

Catering to only around 100-300 guests each, the new-build hotels may not be oversized Sheratons or Hiltons but they’re being described as the perfect additions to West Hollywood because they’ll both compliment the existing hotel portfolio and adopt the same fun, fashionable and flirty characteristics as the city.

Kiely added that each property will have its own “fun story to tell” whether it be through a high-end rooftop bar, unbeatable city views or one-of-a-kind interior design.

So here’s the rundown on West Hollywood’s first new hotels in 30 years:


The James

The James

Opening on 1 May, The James is going to be “really beautiful”, according to Kiely, with an amazing rooftop bar and spectacular views taking in Downtown L.A. and even the Pacific Ocean.

The property will be located on the corner of Sunset and La Cienega and will accommodate an intimate 100 people.

“It will be very luxurious but with a trendy vibe to it.”


La Peer

La Peer pool

Opening later this year, La Peer will have around 105 rooms and feature 30s art-deco design reminiscent of old Europe.

Out front, guests will step out of their hired vehicles in the courtyard drive-in before strolling through the flowing lobby, reception and lounge to an open-air pool (pictured).

Guests will enjoy the property’s stylish and sleek rooms as well as appreciate its convenient location between Santa Monica Boulevard and Melrose Avenue.


The Edition

The Edition West Hollywood

And finally, The Edition. This property has only just started construction in the north west of West Hollywood on Sunset Boulevard.

Kiely says the hotel is in a “fantastic location” because it’s within walking distance of Soho House and Beverly Hills.

Although part of the larger Marriott Group, The Edition is the company’s most trend-setting product.

Have you stayed in any of West Hollywood’s existing hotels?