You know when you stop overnight somewhere on a road trip, but deep down wish your hotel could have magically transported you to your final destination in the night? That may actually be a reality very soon.

You see Canadian company Aprilli Design Studio has designed a hotel room that is housed within a self-driving car.

This means guests can simply tell the vechile where they want to go, jump into bed for some shut eye and travel through the night. How cool is that?

“Compared to domestic flights or train travels that require multiple steps of transfers and check-ins throughout the travel, Autonomous Travel Suite operates as your personal rental car and hotel room, providing unlimited flexibility and mobility at a cheaper cost.”

Aprilli Design Studio

The battery-powered hotel-room-on-wheels concept has been designed with panoramic windows, a double bed, desk and a shower.

Oh and wait for this. There is a retractable roof where room service can be dropped off via drones. Yes ladies and gentleman, the future of travel has arrived.

Another high tech feature will be integrated temperature control which responds to climates automatically to make sure you’re comfortable for your entire stay.

Passengers who like to site-see can program stops along the way, or those who prefer just to get there can journey straight through.


The vehicles would run on batteries, and Aprilli says they would be powered up by charging points positioned along the roads.

Do you think this could be the next travel trend?

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So, would you jump on board this moving hotel room?