Drop a needle on the Beatles’ ‘Love Me Do’ vinyl, slip into a pair of bell-bottom jeans & bring out those shiny white Go-Go Boots because a cycling of colour is taking you back to the 60s.

Well, it’s less a cycling of colour and more an automatic sliding door that opens to the TWA Hotel, a righteous 60s-themed hotel in New York City’s JFK Airport.

The retro property will open from May inside the former Trans World Airlines terminal at JFK with 512 rooms, six restaurants, eight bars and a lobby completely transformed into fab recreations of the Jet Age.


And the best part is, bookings are now officially open!

Travellers can secure a 60s experience that’s not all show and no go at the TWA Hotel because everything from the interior design to staff uniforms is reflective of the period that birthed flower power. It’s nothing but the 60s from the moment you check-in to the moment you bug out.


As well as appreciating the decked-out throwback architecture and design, guests can relive the 60s by walking through the hotel’s museum dedicated to the Jet Age.

Groovy, right?!


Other highlights of the property include a 10-000 square-foot rooftop observation deck of the pool, fitness facilities with yoga and spinning, along with the thickest glass curtain wall in the world (second after the wall at the US embassy in London) to drown out sounds of the airport.


Are you twitchin’ for a night at New York City’s TWA Hotel?