You’re in pure bliss, taking-in some of that gorgeous Hawaiian sun and letting your pigments soak-in those rays while Rihanna’s catchy AF ‘Only Girl in the World’ blasts through your earphones.

The lack of responsibilities has you in a state of serenity until you reach over for another sip of Margarita only to find the cocktail glass completely drained of its heavily tequila-based liquid.

“Nooooooooooooo,” you scream internally (because hello, you might bump into these people around the hotel).


What are you meant to do now?

Do you vacate your sun bed and risk some other carefree ‘swimmer’ taking your spot while you go get a refill? Or do you discreetly suck out the alcohol seeped into the pineapple wedges, hoping there’s enough in there to keep you delightfully drunk?

Orrrrr there’s a third option – you could hit up the ‘Cocktail Hotline’?

Hawaii’s Kauai Shores Hotel has become the first hotel across the island nation to launch an incredibly handy service, which allows guests laying by the pool to place a cocktail order via the phone.


It’s called the ‘Cocktail Hotline’ and it’s bloody genius (like a Bloody Mary).

Guests simply pick up their phones to ring the Lava Lava Beach Club restaurant where staff will kindly take their cocktail order and create their beverage before delivering it directly to their poolside lounger.


The ‘Cocktail Hotline’ was added to the property’s offerings as part of a recent quarter-of-a-million-dollar pool project that included other important changes such as a new pool deck area, new pool, new hot tub and new outdoor furniture.

Would you get up or order via the Cocktail Hotline?