Willy Wonka had the chocolate river, edible meadow and lickable wallpaper, but did he ever have a French cottage made almost entirely of edible chocolate that people can sleep in?

One group of chocoholics are bringing the ‘world of pure imagination’ to life for cocoa fans by building a French cottage in Paris made almost entirely of edible chocolate.

This is no joke! Designer and manufacturer by Jean-Luc Decluzeau will use 1.5 tons of confectionery to construct the 18-square-metre cottage.


The walls will be made of chocolate, as will the roof, the dresser, the clock, the books, the chandelier and the fireplace. Even the duck pond outside will be made of chocolate, as will the flowerbeds.


And it’s almost all edible.


The cottage will be capable of sleeping four chocaholics at a time from October this year and will include a special chocolate crafting workshop.



Would you spend a night in the French cottage?