Talk about going the extra mile! Staff at a hotel in Sydney deserve a ‘customer service of the year’ award for calling in a priest when one of their guests said they felt a paranormal presence in their room.

The guest (the gender remains a mystery) was alone in their Ovolo Hotel Darling Harbour room when they got the sense that they may not be alone.

Just in case you aren’t too familiar, the Ovolo Hotel Darling Harbour is a chic, boutique property located near the International Convention Centre. It caters to only 90 guests and while the building itself may have some history, there had been no prior complaints of encounters of the ghostly kind.


So with no experience in dealing with the paranormal, how was staff to handle the frightened guest? Bring in the next best thing to a Ghostbuster – a priest.

“Burn sage, call in the local priest and ask the presence to go,” the property’s General Manager Amanda Cottome said in a blog on the hotel group’s website.

Ovolo Hotels Spokesperson, Amadou Doumbia, told KarryOn that the customer experience is a top priority and staff will go to any lengths to ensure guest satisfaction, even if it means calling in a supernatural specialist.

“Our properties are boutique and have as little as 90 rooms so we are able to cater experiences and take an individual approach to hospitality.”

Amadou Doumbia, Ovolo Hotels PR & Communications Manager

“People stay at our properties for all different reasons and they have different types of requests, we try to ensure all of these are met whether it’s for a birthday, proposal or simply because they like to be surrounded by their favourite colour.”


Speaking of favourite colours, Doumbia said the Ovolo Hotel Woolloomooloo team went out searching for purple toilet paper, purple candy and even purple vodka after learning one of their female celebrity guests was obsessed with the colour.

“We made sure everything was purple for her and she loved it,” he said.

This Ovolo attention to detail will be applied next month when the group officially becomes Fashion HQ as the first three-year accommodation sponsor for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia.

Ovolo Hotels

In addition to housing some of the biggest retail buyers, overseas fashion editors and designers during the week-long event, Ovolo Woolloomooloo will host a range of activities including a livestream of runway shows directly from Carriageworks; a Beauty Express Pop-up for hair and makeup treatments; Fashion Week Official Happy Hour at the hotel’s Lo Lounge; model castings and photoshoots; and a public fashion seminar.

Doumbia said Ovolo Hotels is the most active hotel sponsor in the event’s history and the extensive participation is already paying off with bookings for the Woolloomooloo property on the rise.

“We are ingraining ourselves in this event,” he said. “We want our hotel to be a destination for fashionistas, people in the industry and consumers interested in the industry.”

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Weekend Edition (MBFWE) runs this year from 19 – 21 May.

What’s the most outrageous thing you’ve asked a hotel to do?