Guests staying at Oceania’s first ‘smart hotel’ will want to ensure their mobile phones are charged throughout their stay, otherwise they’ll struggle to get into their rooms.

The revolutionary property called ‘Mi-Pad’ in Queenstown, New Zealand uses technology to give guests a truly digital stay, most of which is done through their mobile devices.

Upon check-in, guests will need to down the hotel’s app called ‘mia’, which will almost literally unlock the hotel as it replaces traditional room keys, it’s the only way they can switch on room lights and the tool they need to adjust in-room heating.


‘mia’ can also be used to contact hotel staff for items such as fresh towels, book restaurants and even, message other guests in a group chat.

Beyond the app, technology is used for sustainable factors such as reducing energy usage through sensor lights in the toilets and showers.


Other rare highlights of the property include straighteners instead of outdated hairdryers (finally!), ice buckets in lieu of mini-bars and recycling bins in each room.


Are you keen for a night at this hotel?