The Greek Government is introducing a bittersweet accommodation tax on tourists that’ll likely increase the cost of a hotel room but may also assist in improving facilities around the country.

The double-edged ‘Stayover Tax’ will be imposed on hotels, rooms and rental apartments in Greece as of 1 January 2018 and will be calculated on the number of overnight stays and the category of accommodation.

The levy ranges from 50 cents to four Euros per room/per night and could add up to around 20 euros or roughly AU$31.20 for tourists booking five nights accommodation at a higher-end property.

Image: Alex Blăjan/Unsplash

Image: Alex Blăjan/Unsplash

In total, the tax is expected to give the Greek Government around 84 million euros per year and there’s hopes it’ll be used to improve hotel and room facilities.

Hotel leaders in Greece urged the government to withdraw the tax, claiming it would negatively impact tourism.

However, Beyond Travel’s General Manager of Sales & Marketing, Bryce Crampton, said the Stayover Tax will have minimal impact on the industry and doesn’t believe it will deter visitors.

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“As a specialist in the region, Beyond Travel is confident that the popularity of Greece and its fascinating islands with Australian travellers will continue despite the new levy.”

Bryce Crampton, Beyond Travel General Manager of Sales & Marketing

Meanwhile, Aussie tourists were able to save hundreds in flights to Greece this year thanks to recently introduced competition from low-cost carrier, Scoot.

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What are your thoughts on the new tax?