Pre-warn your followers that there’ll be no pictures of ‘legs in the pool’, ‘raised knee on sunbed’ or ‘sun baking with a cocktail’ during your stay at the Ayana Resort & Spa.

The 5-star Bali property has banned all mobile phones and in turn, all social media, from around one of its swimming pools to “create a place to tranquillity”.

The ‘no calls, no texts and no social media’ ban applies to the resort’s secluded river pool between 9.00am-5.00pm every day, Daily Mail reported.


Unfortunately for mobile and social media addicts, this means either finding another pool to swim n’ snap or suck it up and live without those jealousy-inducing poolside pictures.

Which will it be?


Guests can either leave their devices in their rooms or store them in nearby lockers to ensure all visitors can “truly relax”.

“During your time at River Pool we promise there will be no calls, no text, no pictures, and no social media – just you, River Pool and this moment!”

Ayana Resort and Spa Bali

If swimming and relaxing by the pool isn’t entertaining enough to strip you of your mobile addiction, the property offers old-school entertainment such as Jenga.


Would you be able to go a couple of hours without your mobile phone?