Ever seen a hotel suite with a basketball court and bowling alley inside it? Neither had we, until today that is, when Palms Casino Resort revealed its freshly revamped Hardwood and Kingpin suites.

The breathtaking suites which now lead in at US$15,000 per night are part of Palms Casino Resort major US$690million transformation.

Let’s start with the Hardwood suite’s makeover. There’s now a BASKETBALL COURT inside it. You know, just in case you want to shoot a few hoops.

Apparently it’s the first and only hotel room to feature its own private, regulation-sized half basketball court.

Aside from a basketball court, the 10,000 square foot suite has two bedrooms and is decked out with upholstery and dark woods.

There’s also a hidden whiskey room, pool table, poker table, several large-screen televisions and a 16 seat bar and a dining table.

The fresh 4,500 square feet Kingpin Suite now has two full-size bowling lanes complete with shoes and bowling balls.

The suite also has a bar with large windows overlooking the Las Vegas Strip.

The bowling lanes are surrounded by two bedrooms, a pool table and several large screen televisions all put together with a strong ‘70s influence.

A full renovation of the hotel is expected to be finished by the end of the year.

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