Following another year of global growth, roomsXML have 40 after hours support team members in Pune, India and a further four subject matter experts in Melbourne.

Mark Luckey from roomsXML says the company is proud to be among the best when it comes to supporting Agents and a new “targeted initiative will enable us to resolve issues in a shorter time frame”.

“Travel is a people business so we’ve created an avatar and video for each staff member to introduce them to our agents and celebrate the diversity they bring to our team.”

Mark Luckey, roomsXML Managing Director 

“Our new self-help leader is Colin from London. Colin is your go to man for general queries and helping yourself. He stood out in the interviews with responses like “Well if you ‘ave a problem, you’ve just gotta $#^% sort sumfin out”. Direct but effective. Best to keep on his good side though.”


Customer Service Manager Matt Paterson was less enthusiastic about Fergus, the new transfer expert: “He’s definitely got great drive, but seriously, a swinger? I heard he is more of a ‘short game’ man.”


Rosetta Scicluna spoke of Pina the new Q-Push expert: “She certainly knows how to get the message to customers but flouncing around doing the Q-Push…. I just don’t think hot pants are good for a corporate environment.”


But National Sales Manager Sasha is very happy with the appointment of the intriguing “Madamoiselle”, appointed to manage agent discounts: “Like everyone at roomsXML, she knows agents are special. She may think she’s a little bit special herself but get in touch with her if you are after an agent discount.”


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