Put the word ‘upgrade’ together with ‘free’ and you’ve got the most desired and yet, least obtained treasure in the entire world of tourism – a FREE UPGRADE.

Deny as they might, travellers relish in the idea of spreading out in Business Class with an Economy Class ticket, receiving a private tour for the same cost as a group trip AND relaxing in balcony view suite without spending beyond the average twin-share.

Oh free upgrades!


But as we said, they’re wickedly hard to obtain UNLESS you know the secret code.

Much like the Three Billy Goats Gruff, travellers need a password that’ll get them across the bridge and into upgraded space, and that password is as simple as ‘corner room’.

In a Q&A with Mint, English Chef & Restaurateur Jason Atherton said requesting a corner room is as good as getting an upgrade because the accommodation is “generally bigger” than the rest.

“Think about how they utilize the space in a building: the corner suites are usually bigger than the middle suites, and more interesting, too: You get better views.”

Jason Atherton, English Chef & Restaurateur

There you have it, now stroll past the troll to your upgraded room.


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What tricks have you used to score a hotel upgrade in the past?