People are actually paying more than $100 a night for a hotel room in London that is easily smaller than a prison cell and even more cramped than a parking space.

According to The Daily Mail the unreasonably tiny hotel room (if you could even classify it as such) has been outed in an investigation by Consumer insight firm Which?

They reportedly sent undercover reviewers to the Corbigoe Hotel in the borough of Westminster, who were shocked to find that the room measured just three square metres.


The report said to put it into the context, the small single (bedroom and bathroom combined) is less than half the size of the average UK parking space (11.5 square metres). WOW.

“It’s also smaller than the recommended minimum for a UK prison cell (7 square metres)”

Consumer insight firm Which?

The room is around 60 Aussie dollars in the in the LOW season, from November to March, and over $100 in the high season from April to October. SAY WHAT?

The self-described “humble budget hotel” scored a 5.1 review rating on although 63% of guests have rated it ‘terrible’ on TripAdvisor.

Derek H from Ireland wrote after his stay in September: “Hands down the worst hotel I have ever stayed in. Like stepping back in time and not in a retro way”.


Which? travel editor Rory Boland said while micro hotels are on the rise hotels need to make sure they’re completely upfront with customers about just how small their rooms are at the time of booking, so guests don’t unexpectedly find themselves in a shoebox.

What would your clients say if they opened the door to discover this hotel room?