The more melted cheese, the better. Sure, on pizza and pasta, but when comes to decorating hotel rooms, it’s probably better to go easy on it.

You see, Italian-Canadian artist Cosimo Cavallaro, thought that covering a room at the Washington Jefferson Hotel in New York with 450 kilograms of melted cheese would be a good look.

This is something you need to see to believe, with the gooey dairy product smothered all over the room, from the floor to the ceiling.

WOW. This is just not a gouda look.

You may be wondering if this artist has since been locked up, but it turns out Bob Lindenbaum, the owner of the Washington Jefferson Hotel, actually commissioned him to ‘decorate’ the room in a bid to attract some attention to the hotel.

Ok, attention caught, but we’re not sure we would be keen to stay in this exact room, even after it’s been thoroughly cleaned (could you ever get that smell out)?

If you’re curious as to how the artist got his hands on all that cheese, it was donated to him by the Swiss Cheese Foundation.

The artist spent hours microwaving the cheese and spraying it into the room to create the unusual work of art.

Fun fact, It’s not the only thing that Cosimo Cavallaro has covered in cheese (something to do with the Italian blood right)?

He is also famous for covering Twiggy in cheese too. You can find out more about his work here.

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